lavaggio, sabbiatura e trattamenti per restauro statue e monumenti
How do we restore statues and monuments?

We begin the restoration of statues and monuments by assessing the degree of degradation. This assessment determines the operation to be adopted, which can be simple chemical washing or blasting; in some cases, FES Servizi applies both treatments, one after the other. Where we opt for blasting, the extent of the degradation determines the technique used: microblasting, soft-clean blasting or cryogenic blasting. To ensure the surfaces are resistant to atmospheric agents and wear, we usually conclude the operation by applying a protective coating of special paint.

FES Servizi can restore:
  • Statues of historical and cultural interest, of any size and in any material (wood, ceramic, bronze, marble, etc.)
  • Statues/ornaments for private gardens and houses, in any material (stone, resin, etc.)
  • Monuments of historical and cultural interest, in any material (stone, marble, etc.)
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