Chemical washing

Non-aggressive chemical washing at high and low pressure is a non-destructive cleaning process, aimed at removing dirt and polluting agents using water jets with special detergents.


Blasting is a surface preparation operation. FES Servizi performs three types of blasting: dry sandblasting, wet sandblasting and cryogenic (dry ice) blasting.


Spray painting with different types of application (airless, air mix, etc.): thanks to cutting-edge technologies, FES Servizi has achieved a leading role in the sector with our focus on care and quality workmanship.


Treatment for surfaces that need protection from water. The operation involves laying a membrane that prevents infiltration while maintaining the material appearance of the surface.

Special REI coating

Thanks to 818 qualified technicians, FES Servizi can apply passive fire-retardant coating to improve the flame resistance of structures in any material.

Special anti-corrosion coating

Treatments to guarantee the durability of any product. Based on the type of surface and the environment, FES Servizi defines the treatment product and thickness of application according to international standards.